You're a bad ass woman who goes after what she wants!

Unbreakable Confidence

is already within you!

You have a fire that's lit at all time to grow, be successful, and have an amazing life!

You've taken courses, explored different spaces and read the personal development books.

Heck! The Mindset Podcasts are in your ears regularly.

But, how you feel in your body is an emotional roller coaster.

⚠Your body is being held prisoner to the voices that drive your vehicle ⚠

My mission is to help you get from insecure to crazy, whole body confident

with the power of Embodied Heart Training.

Spark your spirit and be in love with your whole life!

Exploring your inner world can be FUN!

Let down your hair, or pop that messy bun in, and get comfy being YOU so you can start making decisions spark your spirit!

First, you grant yourself access.

Access to go to a place you haven't before, inside yourself, a deeply connect with your inner voice of truth.

As a MindBody Expert I help you connect with your body, peeling back the layers of protection and opening your heart to accept more parts of yourself. The parts that have been hidden from humiliation and heartbreak, and grant yourself permission to be loud, vibrant, sexy, and successful!

You'll learn how to show up as your bold, brave, and beautiful self as you make it back home to your heart.

Aligning mind, body, and soul you to a life you love.

Your first step, begins here👇

A Few Ways to Get Started


All in Harmony Life Coaching brings a blend of somatic therapies, healing modalities, and coaching strategies that helps you create safety within so you always have your own back. Build a stronger commitment by establishing the foundation in Guided Love 6-month mentorship.

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Connecting with other women in a safe space brings out an amplification of courage, strength and love that we all need in our lives. Our paths intersect with relatable human emotions and we see an elevated transformation together as we lead with swift minds and strong hearts. We work together. We cry together. We grow together.

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Your heart is a portal of abundance. You are here on this Earth to feel alive in your body and not be a prisoner to it. In Embodied Heart Training you are guided through MINDBODY work to open space inside your heart so you cab prioritize your whole body getting on board with your decisions. Get out of your racing thoughts and come home to your heart-your center, the core of who you are. Women come into EHT with a driven and distracted heart (& mind) and walk through the training with a settled and satisfied heart.  

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Find your Voice

Claim your Confidence

Connect with Juliana

& Recognize the Real You that is ready to be seen

Discover what is meant for you

by uncovering more of you

Here, you get to play in the dance of connecting mind, body, and soul

Client Feedback:

"I've never had this much energy or confidence to dedicate to the things I love before!"- Charlotte, New Jersey

Leading you through growing pains

because its safe to sit with the discomfort.

Go beyond a 3D world & enter a limitless landscape of possibility

Build on Mindset Strategies through Spiritual Training

The Foundational Strategies go deep into the communication between all of these systems. Juliana takes her 10+ experience in Mind Body Fitness to bring your the fast-track solution to re-writing your narrative and getting out of the revolving door of self-sabotage and shame.

Move through with our

Synchronize MindBody Method


Rewiring the mind is like starting with a clean slate.


Creating the space within your body to feel safe, heard, and understood.


Bringing your mind and body into connection is at the core of awakening your spirit.

All-Inclusive Experience

Lead yourself and make decisions quickly by leaning into whole body confidence

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