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Explore your inner world

& Retrain your nervous system for safety

One-On-One Coaching

All in Harmony Life Coaching brings a blend of somatic therapies, healing modalities, and coaching strategies that helps you create safety within so you always have your own back.

Small Group Coaching

Connecting with other women in a safe space brings out an amplification of courage, strength and love that we all need in our lives. Our paths intersect with relatable human emotions and we see an elevated transformation together as we lead with swift minds and strong hearts.

We work together. We cry together. We grow together.

Sisterhood: Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred Ceremonies of the heart are here to bring bigger space and priority to get out of your racing thoughts and home to your heart-your center, the core of who you are.

At the core of who you are is within all of us. We come together in an even bigger way when we commit to this work. The new energy ripples out into every other area of our life.

Our work, our service, our relationships, our purpose, our divinity. 

Find your Voice

Claim your Truth

Connect with Juliana & see if you're ready to go the distance

Uncover more of you

Unleash your truth, and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit

through a beautiful dance


Cleansing is a ritualistic art to taking care of our bodies. You are meant to cleans your mind-body-soul. Reflection is a form of cleansing and it's meant to happen everyday, just like our body does with our food waste.

The further you surrender to natural processes the more in balance you will be. Cleansing on a routine basis begins with taking inventory of your space- both external and internal. This task requires you to go into deeper questions like "Is this right for me?" or "Does this serve me well?" which will help you make more aligned decisions.

Cleansing helps build your trust. confidence and relationships.


Energy exists in every corner and crevice of our world. It's an undeniable and unspoken universal energy. Your energy never lies.

To work on your personal-spiritual journey and evolution includes a dominating aspect of your energy.

Part of your energy is built into your human design while the other part is imprinted in you from societal conditioning. By you learning to balance your energy systems you are learning the very basis knowing more of you- and knowing you well.


When care for yourself becomes a chore that's ticked off the to-do list, your heart will begin to show you that you need more.

Something that has the potential to immediately reward your efforts is a simple act of paying attention, also known as self-awareness. .

Pay attention to not only the conversations you're having with others but the ones you may not be having with yourself and notice how your field of experience shifts

The fundamental level of self-care is listening.

Leading you to sustainable growth through the

Synchronize MindBody Method

Building on Mindset Strategies through Spiritual Training

This goes beyond a 2D diagram & our 3D world.

The Foundational Strategies go deep into the communication between all of these systems. Juliana takes her 10+ experience in Fitness, Mental & Spiritual Trainings to bring your the fast-track solution to re-writing your narrative and getting out of the revolving door of self-sabotage and shame.

All-Inclusive Experience

Stick to your commitments by getting your whole-body on board


Rewiring the mind is like starting with a clean slate.


Creating the space within your body to feel safe, heard, and understood.


Bringing your mind and body into connection is at the core of awakening your spirit.

Raising Consciousness with Beautiful Souls

What others have said about Juliana's Programs

"I was able to uncover more of myself in one session with Juliana than I had in one year of therapy."

-Chelsa S.

"I've neve had this much energy or confidence to dedicate to the things I love before!"

-Chelsea S.

"My heart is fuller. My life is more vibrant. I am literally seeing colors brighter now. I'm at peace with my body for the first time in over 20 years."

- Katherine K.

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